X360+ 3.0 Development

I’ve begun working on a new version of X360+. The point has come where I can’t maintain the X360DB properly, and it means new games are just being neglected.
I am trying to create a new version to work with Giant Bomb using the APIs provided by Whiskey Media. What this should mean is that the script will have more functions available, such as reviews and game ratings, and that much less maintenance will need to be done on the X360DB.

Sadly, this does not rule out my side of it, as Microsoft have limited Giant Bombs information, and means I will likely have to create a database just to get the correct GB game found. This won’t be a huge undertaking, and again it will be open for all to add the games they want, but I hope to find a better solution in the end.

If anyone has any requests for the script, such as features they may like to see, please let me know in the requests thread.

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