The Sony PSP is a marvellous machine. I’ve never personally been a fan of Sony’s consoles, but I have to admit I’ve never been anything less than impressed by the PSP.

I bought my first one in a second-hand store. I found it amongst various MP3 players on a Logic3 docking station, and for whatever reason just took a fancy to it. I got it for £100 with 5 games, which I still don’t doubt was an absolute steal.
I recently took it upon myself to mod it, just to increase its functionality a little. I used to hate mods, but now I don’t see how I lived without them. My PSP now has its firmware flashed to allow homebrew applications, and uses irShell for its main boot.
I actually did this to make the PSP work as a remote control for my XBox, and I’d hoped everything else too. I’ve never gotten this much working yet, although I remain hopeful.
The main advantages I see in the PSP now is that I’ve been able to download PSP versions of my favourite PSX games, and I’m also able to backup my games which I intend to use to play them on my second PSP when I eventually get it repaired.

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