If asked to describe myself, the only answer I could truthfully give is “A Gamer”. Granted, even I argue that it is the right term to describe myself, but it’s definitely the best fit.

I don’t claim to be a hardcore gamer. Perhaps a heavy gamer, but not hardcore. The distinction is often a little fuzzy, but I view it in terms of intent. I play, because I enjoy playing. I don’t play to be the best, because I know I never will be, and I don’t play the same game constantly – I like to play a variety of games, and enjoy myself doing it. Granted, the occasional online game can be fun, and I get as competitive as anyone else – but when I lose, thats it. I don’t blame my team, I just accept it.

My Origin Story

My love of gaming began one christmas in the early nineties. I came down to the living room in the morning to find that ‘Santa’ had left me a Sinclair Spectrum ZX64 hooked up to the television. The first game I played was “James Bond: Q’s Shooting Range”, and I absolutely loved it. I spent most of the day playing it, and the other games I got – 3 other Bond games. they’d all been part of a pack, but each was loaded onto a separate side of one of the cassette tapes which the Spectrum used.

Unfortunately, this quickly became an addiction, and I ended up spending most of my time playing games, or trying to acquire more. My favourite games soon becoming the Codemasters “Dizzy” games. I always loved the simplicity of the games, but I never stopped being stuck on the puzzles.


Nowadays, my games collection is a lot more extensive, numbering in the hundreds and split over a dozen consoles. Some of them have fallen into a slight disuse, but all are used at least occasionally, on a whim to play an old game which has taken my fancy.

Now when gaming I spend most of my time either on my XBox 360, or Nintendo DS, depending on my mood, the time, and whether or not I can be bothered to do much. The vast majority of my time however is spent on my original XBox, which I have modded with XBMC, and use for hours every day to watch videos and listen to music.

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