Nintendo consoles have been the base of my gaming for years. During the early nineties, thousands of people were in constant conflict over the best company; Nintendo or Sega; but one thing which few people ever argued about was whose handhelds were better – almost everybody agreed that the Nintendo GameBoy was better than the Sega GameGear.

With that said, I was one of the few who saw the GameGear for what it was: far superior to Nintendo’s equivalent, being a full color handheld console 8 years before Nintendo brought out the GameBoy Color. It is my belief that had more powerful batteries existed at the time, to increase the GameGears incredibly low battery life, the gaming market of today would be a very different picture, with Sega at the forefront.

Nowadays, there is a lot less argument on the matter. Nintendo are now duking it out with Sony instead of Sega, and again Nintendo are quite definitly winning the handheld market.


I came across the SuperCard DS One by accident a couple of years ago while browsing the internet. It was just out in the market, and the idea of DS homebrew instantly grabbed my attention.
I always find it quite interesting how many people make homebrew games, and how often they end up overlooked for what they are. The time and effort spent by the creators is obviously quite high, and to be honest I’ve seen some homebrew which ends up better than some of the retail games I can think of.

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