X360+ is my most recent, and most heavily worked on script for Messenger Plus! Live.

I started the script for personal use. I have have always been quite fond of messengers “Show what I’m listening to” feature, but since I rarely listen to music the feature goes a bit unused.

I’ve always been a little “quirky” natured, so I decided to make the script as my mind works. Instead of just a straight-forward “Playing XBox 360” message, I decided to take a few liberties, and use the gimmick messages which I often set manually anyway. The script was for me after all, I might as well have it do what I want.


Current Features Planned Updates
  • Per User Settings
  • Display game name as current media
  • Change display Picture to match game
  • MS Agent support
  • Custom ‘Gimmick’ alternatives to options
  • Advanced Display Pictures for specific games
  • X360DB Integration

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