XBMC+ is the updated name of new versions of the (mediocrely named) XBMC-Script.

The script is based on an old mIRC script by a guy named Gizmoe. I first edited the script for personal use in mIRC, then, feeling a little adventurous, I decided to use it to learn how to script for Messenger Plus! properly. I’d made a couple of small scripts for Messenger before, but definitely nothing that would require as much effort as this.

I spent 2 days working on the first version of the script, which I then submitted to the Messenger Plus! Scripts Database. I didn’t do anything else with the script, until I was contacted by a member of Team XBMC, requesting further features and support. After that I updated the script completely, totally changed the internal workings, and then left it on my site.

I’m now working on updating the script, to add a couple of new features, and give it a cleaner, more consistent layout. The download above will give the last version of XBMC-Script, and I’ll upload the new version of XBMC+ as soon as it’s complete.

Current Features Planned Updates
  • Per User Settings
  • Display XBMC current media
  • Recieve notifications on XBox
  • Show album art as display picture

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