In my spare time, one of the things I enjoy doing is scripting. I’m not particularly good at it, but then, I only use it as a matter of tweaking things to my liking, so it doesn’t make much of a difference.

I’m including some of my better scripts here for peope to use if they wish. I do not maintain that these are perfect in any way, but they work to do what they are meant to, and that’s all I really need. Some of them have a few more advanced features which I have added at request, but these also work as well as expected, and if any problems are aencountered, I would appreciate some feedback so I can prevent the problem in future.


My most recent script, for Messenger Plus! Live. X360+ extends the “Show what I’m listening to” feature of Windows Live Messenger, to show the game you’re currently playing on your XBox 360.


XBMC+ is the new name of my original XBMC-Script for Messenger Plus! Live. I’m still bringing it up-to-date to give it a much better layout. XBMC+ extends Windows Live Messengers built in “Show what I’m listening to” funtion to show your contacts what you’re listening to or watching on a networked XBMC.

PM3 GamerTag

PM3 GamerTag was my first venture into python scripting for XBMC. It incluse a modified Project Mayhem 3 home screen, and an updater script. The scripts adds a display containing your gamertag and gamerscore information to your home screen.

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