XBox 360

Of this generation of consoles, my favourite by far is the XBox 360.

I know that Microsoft’s Achievement system is a development which has fragmented much of the gaming community, the main argument being that it has changed the way that people play games. Personally, I think it was a great development, one which has most certainly changed the way I game. The way I see it, is that the achievements encourage everyone to play games more fully. I used to play games from start to finish, and that would be the end of that, unless it was a particularly good game. Now on the other hand, I play games through properly, trying to find every collectible, complete every difficulty, and beat every record.

Despite much of the bad press XBox Live gets, it is a great online system. I’m afraid I must agree with almost everybody else that the cost is too much, but I also appreciate that Microsoft have made a much better system than its free rivals currently offer.

Now that I have subscribed to XBox Live Gold I’m always up for some online gaming. I’m always willing to help out on a co-op game, or else go for a shooting session. If you ever want a game, just gimme a shout on XBL – my gamertag is Stefan Leroux.

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