The Graveyard

The graveyard is where my old sites go to die.

Currently these are links to my old website designs, made as part of my University course. At the time I absolutely despised web design, as I felt there was far too large an emphasis put on it within my course. Nevertheless, I worked hard on the sites, and have kept them rather than delete them, partially out of some misguided pride, and partially as a marker of how far I’ve come.

The Kombat Shrine

The Kombat Shrine was a website about Mortal Kombat, developed for my second year Web Authoring class.

The Midnight Aristocrats

The Midnight Aristocrats was a project in basic web development where the lecturer stated that he didn’t want to read over anything about family pets or hobbies. He wanted it to be something fun for him to read and suggested something like a juggling chainsaw man so my mind took me here.

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