Employer from Hell

Well, I’m back after yet another hellish turn of events. I’m not sure how I get into these every time, but people should start betting on it – there’s a […]

Well, I’m back after yet another hellish turn of events. I’m not sure how I get into these every time, but people should start betting on it – there’s a lot of money to be made.

Last month I finally got a job, after 2 years of searching. Right in the centre of town, 4 doors along from Rowland’s, doing an IT related job which was perfect for me. Or at least, it seemed that to begin with.
Within the first couple of days I had phone calls and visits from several people telling me not to take the job. Every last one of them told me that the boss, was a nasty, sneaky little man, who would screw me over. I heard all the recommendations, but decided to give him a chance: after all, it was a good job, was exactly what I wanted, and I figure that I’ve had so many chances from people it’d be wrong for me not to give them.

God, I wish I’d just listened. From the first of April I was employed, and after the first couple of days, suffering from working with what I have to describe as one of the most irritating, ignorant person I’ve ever come across. I’m not sure how the man got into IT, because I spent the entire time there being called upon to sort everything for him: even the slightest of problems. He didn’t know how to find out the ip address of a computer, install programs, access FTP, or basically do anything remotely computer orientated. Hell, I had to reinstall Windows XP on a couple of the office machines, and he was astounded at my skills. For installing Windows!

For a few weeks this continued, and I struggled to stay and get everything organised. I was subjected to a lot of verbal abuse, and even violence a couple of times, however I realised that these were actually meant to be friendly from a person with absolutely no social interactive skills whatsoever, and I ignored it. I wasn’t happy with it, the name I were called were coarse, and the violence although just ‘congratulatory’ punches on the shoulder, irritated and upset me. I’d spend my lunchtimes going around the corner to the Fleece, where I’d sit and have a chat with people who hated the man even more than me.
He wouldn’t take my payment details, or give me a valid contract; opting only to provide me an offer letter; and would leave whenever I brought anything up, or else call a client, or completely ignore me because he was busy. As I was meant to be getting paid monthly I let it slide for a while, figuring it would all be dealt with come payday. That was fair enough, and I did eventually get him to take the details, but on the day I was due to be paid there was no money transferred to my account. “It won’t go through until close of business” I was told when I asked him, and I accepted this.

I was off for the next few days due to the Easter Holidays, and during this time, no money came through. I spoke to him when I returned, and he explained that it was because of the holidays the payment hadn’t gone through. He’d go to do the transfer now, and it should be in ASAP.
The week trailed on, and I started to really struggle. My home services were suspended due to lack of payment, and I was left without telephone, internet, gas, and by the end of the week, no electric either. I was forced to borrow money off of friends to get food, and spent the weekend at my parents house, instead of staying at mines where I had nothing.
I was called on Sunday night by a friend, and told that he was going to the Fleece. I figured that since all I was doing was sitting at home watching TV with my little sister, i might as well go up. I was meant to help somebody with a computer problem, so I went up to do that, and sat around chatting, with a glass of water.
After a couple of hours I finished, and went through to the main bar. A friend offered me a drink, which I refused; not wanting to owe people any more; but they insisted an ordered one anyway. I accepted it gratefully, and had a mouthful.

After a couple more mouthfuls, my boss came into the bar. He sauntered over to me. “Oh, you found some money then, that’s good” he said.
“Actually, no!” I replied. “I’ve no money, I’ve been staying at my parents house. I need money”.
He looked at the pint on the table. “You seem to be doing alright”, then he turned his back to me.
I stood up to speak to him. His wife was standing beside him, so I took the advantage. I knew he would try to hide the happening from her as she was obviously the one who wears the trousers, so I spoke to him.
“I need to be paid. I’ve been working for 5 weeks now without anything. I need my pay”. He muttered something under his breath, but I didn’t hear him, and he wouldn’t repeat it when asked. I left the bar, physically shaking with fury, deciding that the fresh air would do me well. My phone rang at that moment, and I went away to speak for a few minutes.
When I returned to the bar, his wife was standing outside. “I’m going to get you £20 from my bank just now, but you shouldn’t have done that in there. That wasn’t the right way to do it.”
“No, speaking to him at work would’ve been, but I’ve tried that and he won’t speak. This was my only option”. She left, and I went back inside, and straight through to the other bar. Her judgement really ticked me off, since I felt I was the one who was wronged, not them. After a couple of minutes another friend came through to tell me that that the bosses wife was waiting outside to speak to me. I figured she’d have to wait, and I stayed to calm myself and take my inhaler, the situation beginning to set my asthma off.

After 10 minutes I went out to the main bar, and found her standing at the door. She gave me the £20, and promised me that everything would be dealt with tomorrow, then she left. My employer stood around for 5 more minutes to finish his pint, then left too. There were a few cheers and congratulations from people for me standing up to him, and then it calmed down to a normal night.

I went back home, and got up the next day to go to work. I made sure to be early, that way I couldn’t be complained at for timekeeping as well. 0900 came and went, and Ken didn’t show. I sat waiting until 0945 before I called him, and asked him when he’d be in. “Later” was all he’d reply, so I asked him to call me when he came, and I left. I certainly wasn’t doing anything further for him until I’d been paid. I went along to BordersPrint for a coffee, and got a call while I was there, telling me to get back, so I went.

I walked in and sat down. He didn’t look up, so I took the initiative. “So where are we?” I asked.
“With what?”
“With money” I answered.
“Well, we’ll get to that in a minute, I think we need to have a discussion first.” He waited a couple of moment before speaking again. “Last night was very embarrassing for me.”
“No more embarrassing than me borrowing money from friends and sleeping on my parents sofa.”
He looked at me. “Do you think I have money?” he asked.
“It’s your business! I work here. If clients aren’t paying you then it’s up to you to get them to. You need to pay me. I can’t work for free!”.
“Well, I think we should just call it quits now.”
“Fine.” I agreed, quite happy to leave.
“I need your keys”.
“Ehm…” I patted my pockets. I don’t normally take my keys, because he doesn’t lock the door, but I had them then. “Ok, here”. I put them on the table, and turned around.
“And your key fob”. I took it out, and went to hand it to him, but then had second thoughts. “Ok, I’ll give you this as soon as you tell me when I’m getting my money.”
“Give me the fob, and get out” he said. He actually swore at me, but as I’d like this to go around, I’m not repeating that part.
“I will, as soon as you tell me when I’ll be paid” I said.
“You’re no getting paid” he shouted, again swearing. “You’re no getting a penny. Now get out before I call the police”.
I turned around to my desk. Although the computers were provided by work, the input devices were mines, so I turned around to collect them, and stuffed them in my bag.
“That’s it, I’m calling the police” he shouted at me, and picked up the phone. I’m sad to say I lost my temper. I’d found out that while working there a number of previous staff had had issues being paid, and the last one had been charged with theft for removing stuff from the computer. I took the key fob and threw it at him, and turned to leave. Then I turned back, and went to smack him. I was so angry I was ready to throttle him, although I doubt even my giant hands would fit around his fat throat. I caught on to myself, and stopped before I got to him. I realised that if I I hit him, I’d lose all chance I had, and I’d be the bad one.
“People were right, you are scum.” I told him. “I was advised not to take this job, and the JobCentre has a record on you anyway.” Luckily I had been warned before I signed off, and I made sure that it was noted that I had huge reservations regarding the position. “I will get that money.”
“Aye, how.” He replied. It wasn’t a question, he was sure of himself.
“I’ll take it to a Job Tribuneral” – The spelling isn’t a mistake, I was so angry I was stuttering over my words.
“Try it!” he said, a sneer on his face.
I turned to leave, and he shouted to me. “You’ll finish tonight wi a broken leg. You think you’ve got friends?”
I turned back to him, “No I don’t actually”. I’d never at any point spoken to him about my friends, and even if I had, I don’t believe have any that could ever lower themselves to his limboing standards.

I walked out, and called a friend, refusing to stay on my own. I took the threat seriously.
I have since reported him to Citizens Advice, who are going to follow through for the money for me. I have also made a statement to the police, so they are aware of this threat. I spent a day worried, and had to get my little brother to accompany me. Even if it was an idle threat, it was still a threat to me.

So now, I will be pursuing all I can to get my money, but in addition to that, I want everyone to realise what an ignorant specimen of humanity this cretin is. Most people around the town know it. Hell, even his clients have said they thought little of him to me, but I want more than that. I want potential clients, and even people who pass him in the street to realise just how low he is. Not only did he hire somebody when he apparently didn’t have the funds to accommodate them, but then tried to screw them over, leaving a good person; a volunteer at a local charity, expecting his first child; in severe debt, and to threaten violence when that person stood up and merely tried to assert his basic, legal right to be paid for the work he did.

So, for those who persevered through this gruelling tale, or for those who have come across this by accident, I warn you to steer clear of this local entrepreneur, (and apparently mobster), of Selkirk. Do not do business with the man. Do not even acknowledge him in the street because he’s not worth it. Furthermore, help me out. Let everyone know of him. I am apparently not the first person he has done this to; in fact, I seem to be the one who got off lightest; but at least help me make sure I am the last one it happens to.

On a side note, I have been in a low place for a long time now. I have been at home, upset about lack of friends, and spending my time feeling sorry for myself. This incident has been an eye opener to the people who have flocked to help me, and I am eternally grateful to every one of them.


  1. Andrew Michaels

    Are you talking about Kenneth or Ken Linton and his wife Audrey Linton? And is this the same company RSN ICG Ltd or RSN Group Ltd that was formed after the liquidation of Retail Systems North Ltd based in Selkirk? Is he not now working out of his bedroom at Lindean Moor Farm, Nr Selkirk after being given notice on a retail property in Selkirk?

  2. Jon Fair

    Now that his house is sold Ken will be less visible but probably as dangerous. Citizens Advice can really do nothing to help as I can vouch, as I used to be emplyed by the man, and told George all about him.

  3. coltuck

    Hey mate, did you get anywhere with getting money back. Serious give me a shout [email protected]
    Was in same position with him so definitely interested to chat and swap advise.

  4. Andrew Michaels

    I understand that Ken Linton, Kenneth Linton or Kenny Linton to his friends and his wife Audrey Linton of RSN ICG Ltd or RSN Group Ltd are now living in the town of Maxton which is nr St Boswells in the Scottish Borders. Ken Linton has left the majority of his former staff unpaid, along with many suppliers unpaid. He left customers without systems and took their money, prefering to shaft them. He sold his house at Lindean Moor Farm because he was about to be evicted, again the current owners have had debt collectors at their door looking for Linton to pay his debts. When working for him there were always suppliers chasing him for payment, the HMRC were always chasing him and he was fiddling the VAT.

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