Long Time Dead

Dammit, I’m gonna have to stop watching films. Especially things based on “The Occult”. I’ve never watched something as daft as this before really.

Eight Kids (and by Kids I do of course mean sensibly aged teens, 18-20) piss about at a party, and decide to have fun with a Ouiji board. Now how often does this work in a film anyways? Ouiji board? Someone call for Captain Howdy.

This time however, instead of some really freaky guy to possess people, its a Djinn. A Djinn, in this film being described by First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rules, as a Fire Demon, that may possess people if not summoned by a Shamen (yes, it should be Shaman, but thats how the film described it). Fair Enough.

So, needless to say, the 8 people start dying, one-by-one, and everyone turns their accusations upon one of the number, who’s father they discover is currently in prison, for murdering his wife, claiming it to have been a Djinn after a failed Ouiji Board night (nice to see the son learning from the mistakes of the father).

Basically, people go on dying, until only 2 are left, the son, and the Djinn. It’s now time to destroy the Djinn. They’ve alreay tried to banish it, using the Ouiji Board again, but thats how they lost anotehr person. So, the son must destroy this Demon, which he manages, by throwing a lantern at him, to set fire to his clothes which are already petrol soaked. end of Demon.

Of course, that can’t work. Let me see, we have a Fire Demon here, how do we kill it? Ice… Nope, that would melt. Water… Too obvious. Fire… Genius. Thats gotta do it, I mean, if a Fire Demon isn’t destroyed by fire, what will destroy it. You wanna kill a fish, you drown it don’t you? Well, there goes the demon, in a lot of nice flames, kinda like its used to!

Wait, saviour at the end, the son gos to speak to his dad, who he’s always ignored, only to turn out to be teh Demon after all, not dead, just having possessed a new body, and kills teh father, as apparently its the same Djinn as the father had fought all those years before.

So, open for a sequel. Lets see, give the director some time, to think of how their gonna kill the Demon now. I suggest a gass chamber – make sure it’s flammable, and there goes your evil. Watch this space! Maybe they could tehn explain if it was a coincidence thatthe son happened to be playing with the Ouiji Board to get his friend possessed by the very same Demon, or is there a darker plot. Either way, I know I’m never playing with a Ouiji Board now, unless I have a lighter ready for killing friend possessing Demons.

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