Awaiting Judgement

On the night of Wednesday, 9 February, Big Steve and some friends go out to Abertay Union to celebrate the end of the Hockey Season. It is a Theme night […]

On the night of Wednesday, 9 February, Big Steve and some friends go out to Abertay Union to celebrate the end of the Hockey Season. It is a Theme night at the Union, and this time it is Playboy night. Undeterred however the party go to the Union, and remain on the first floor, where the activities are not taking place.
After about 10 minutes, Big Steve’s ex-flatmate, the ned Liam Clark, walks in. Big Steve is extremely bitter toward Liam due to events which occurred many months before, and instantly decides it’s going to be “One Of Those Nights”. Later Big Steve goes to the bar for a drink, and turns round just to meet Liams eyes glance towards him across the room. Sarcastically, Big Steve smiles at Liam, and 30 seconds later, Liam and friends have left the bar. Big Steve then realises that it is in fact going to be a very good night, and after he and many members of the party have stopped laughing hysterically at Liams departure, he settles down for his drinks again. It is only £1 for a bottle of VK, and thus after two Guinness drinking competitions, at a loss of about a second behind the victor on each, he agrees to another drinking competition, this time to drink a bottle of VK as quickly as possible. This is done in 3 rounds, a VK Blue, Cherry, and Apple, and finished with a draw for the end result.
As time draws past the party move to a comfortable table, and are irritated as Liam returns, in a Pork-Pie stlye hat. As a drunken challenge one of the party is dared to steal the hat, which they do successfully. Everything is good, as he is annoyed by this. Big Steve then goes to the toilets, to find some guy outside holding tightly onto the wrist of a girl, who is struggling to escape, as she attempts to go to the Ladies opposite. Big Steve, annoyed at the
sight goes up and tells the guy to let go of the girl, which the guy does not do and instead elbows Big Steve in the chest. Always quick to temper, Big Steve gets angry, and grabs Liam by the throat. When the guy still does not release the girl, he drags him into the toilets and hits his head against the wall. Finally releasing the girl, who angrily comes in and screams at Liam for hurting her, he releases the guy, and throws him out of the toilets, where he remains to calm down. Within moments one of the Union bouncers come into the toilets to find the people who were fighting, where someone who has seen everything intervenes says the guy is outside, and leads the Bouncer away from Big Steve. He then returns and congratulates Big Steve for not hitting the guy, as that is exactly what he would have done.
When Big Steve leaves the toilets, the bouncer is waiting for him, and then throws him out. Big Steve first goes to get his coat and then finishes his drinks before leaving as quickly as possible, to ensure that his details are not taken.
Now Big Steve is pending a reply as to what happens to him, whether or not he is to be barred or suspended from the Union, however most things point to a banning. I ask you however, if you were in Big Steves position, what would you have done? Would you, like he, have tried to defend the girl? And considering what you now know, do you believe that being banned is the correct course of action?
Now, reconsider your answer, and instead of a random girl, consider that it is instead your fatmate, and reconsider what you would have done. And now reconsider it again, thinking of the girl as both your sister, and your girlfriend, and see if you still think the same as you did originally. Now, consider your answer again, for each of these scenarios, but instead of some guy, it is Liam Clark, the ned whose hat was stolen. Now tell me, if you did originally believe that the judgement to ban Big Steve was fair, do any of these further 6 scenarios make you change your mind? Do you now think that although Big Steve may have done wrong, it is exactly what you would have done, or expected someone else to do?
Now that is Big Steves story, and the scenario was that the girl who Liam had grabbed was Big Steves Girlfriend. If you believe that what he did was very wrong, then that is your opinion, but, if ike me you believe that this behaviour, although not fully civilised was at least not uncalled for, and Big Steve acted understandably, then I ask that you should say such, and that if similar circumstances should ever occur to someone you know, you will vouch for them, and see to it that it is not the Big Steves of the world who suffer, but the Liams, the neds who are really in the wrong. See to it that there are no more barrings for things which are likely to repeat themselves, for when you truly consider the scenario, you realise that there is only one way to ensure that the same thing does not occur again. I believe that many of you will have said that you would have done the same as Big Steve and therefore the same thing would happen even should Big Steve be banned. The only way to prevent the occurrence again is to ban Liam. If this is not what happens then I urge you to consider one last scenario. Consider that you are Big Steves Girfriend, and consider what would have happened to you if Big Steve, or someone had not come
along and tried to help you. Now, with this last thing I request your opinion. Knowing all of this, if this should happen to anyone near you, I request that you should argue for Big Steve, or whoever the person should be, so that the same thing should not happen to others, and instead of letting the people who will try to help be barred, let the people who cause the harm be those who are banned. If the Big Steves are banned then next time there is nobody to help the girl when she is hurt. On the other hand, if the Liams are banned, there is nobody to hurt the girl in the first place.

Remember these words, and
fight for what is right.


  1. Lord-of-nothing

    Go Big Steve! i was a little concerned by "both your sister, and your girlfriend" but i knew what you meant. i've had my head kicked in for doing that before so make sure 1) you are bigger and nastier than the 'Liam' or 2) you have a friend or to near-by to back you up.

  2. 's ok Lord-of-Nothing, Big Steve is bigger and nastier than n e of the Liams this world has to offer and as his "fatmate" (I'd be offended if it wasn't true) I can vouch for him usually having a mate to back him up anyway!

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