Yes I’m Back

Oh thank god. It’s been 2 years since I was last at a gig, but my god it was worth the wait. It’s been a hell of a long time.

Granted, the hundreds of midgets werent a great sign. I was very dubious at the start when the oldest person looked around 14, but I persevered.
It ended up with a bunch of little kids, up and dancing, yes Dancing to the first band – Thirty One Days. They were really good, and enjoyable, but I think the dancing made a mockery of the gigs.

When Kreeper came up it was a different story though. Every single one of the little bastards gave up and ran to sit at the side. There was the occasional moshpit, but the longest I counted lasted 6 seconds. There was also the fact that they were all still the midgets, and so I couldn’t join in for reason of public safety (I’ve been told that before)

Of course no gig would be complete without teh standard fight at the end, and although there was no bloodshed or even injury this one was no difference. All that happened was a threat, and a usual “‘mon then” but as always the little neddy bastards fucked off byt he time I started heading towards them.

It was a great night though, and wouldnt ahve been complete without teh hassle. I even enjoyed a few conversations with everyone. Was quite glad to speak to some of tehm again, and in some cases at all. Me and Dickie have never seen eye-to-eye for instance, but there was no arguments, and the pair of us got on great, and I was fucking glad of it. Shame that I had to decline the offer to go out for a few with Jabs at the end however, god damn the severe lack of money. Now I only hope I can get the bunch up to dundee some time for a gig. Heres hoping.

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