X360+ 3.0 Development

I've begun working on a new version of X360+. The point has come where I can't maintain the X360DB properly, and it means new games are just being neglected. I am trying to create a new version to work with Giant Bomb using the APIs provided by Whiskey Media. What this should mean is that the … Continue reading

X360 Database Update

I'm working to get the X360 Database working to a better level now. People have often contacted me as of how to add games which aren't in the database, so hopefully this should improve things for everyone. I will be instituting a user system for editing. This is purely to prevent too much … Continue reading

X360 Database

Some of you may already be familiar with X360+, a script I made to enable a small amount of interoperability between MSN Messenger, and the XBox 360. As the script is currently sitting in the coolpicks section of the Messenger Plus Scripts Database, I have launched my X360 Database to accompany … Continue reading