I don't understand the need for all of the increasing security on the internet. I appreciate that a lot of things need safety, but there is just too much being done in order to increase security that seems to be having a negative effect. Passwords were originally used for a small measure of … Continue reading


Well, yet again the Americans have proved themselves the stupidest nation around. Or at least, the American Government has proved itself the stupidest, as gamers are now officially recognized as professional athletes. Now, having looked into it a bit, it's clear that this is a conclusion they … Continue reading

Video Games are Bad For You

It's been one of my biggest arguments for years. As a heavy gamer, I have frequently been on the receiving end of people telling me I game too much, games are bad for me, and there's nothing good about them. I remember even in Primary school, I had to write a talk once, and at about 8 years old I … Continue reading