Apocalypse Now

Well guys, seems like the time is coming for the end. I’ve been without internet for a couple of weeks, due to non-payment of bills (thanks to a certain tosser boss). So, naturally, I fell back to doing what I do best: saving the world.

That’s right, the past week has had me traversing through the evil halls of Dracula’s Castle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I’m a relative fan of the series, and figured that it would be a good one to mop up achievements on while unable to do any multiplayer. Naturally I finished it the other day, and after destroying the Dark Lord in his true form, I realised I had nothing left to do and so went to my parents to use the internet.

So, when I got home I discovered just how screwed we all are. I’ve not checked it for a while, so I had a whole lot of interesting things in my feeds. Naturally, 2 came to the top of my interest pile.

The first thing was The Rapture. That’s right, it had come for the time for the Christians to be accepted to the Kingdom of God. Interesting for me, since I’m one of those that would be left to burn in flames over the next 5 months, but also because I have a few religious friends. All of whom are still here… although not all currently speaking to me. I may have made a couple of sarcastic comments. Anyway, since that has been and gone; and I saw no bodies in the sky; I figure either it was wrong (and the dates need to be revised) or else God has forsaken all his followers. Either way, not much difference to me.

The other thing was the one that really caught my eye, and it went slightly more-so because of the timing with The Rapture. The CDC has posted information on Zombie Preparedness. Yeah, seriously. I’m not sure if it’s some joke, or a hacker following after Sony being hacked into, but the site has genuine Zombie information on it.

It’s hard to say if this could be a sign that they know something, but I suggest we be ready for it. I’ve had my plan ready for a long time, and I know where I’m going and with who. All that I need now is to learn to properly hot-wire a car, so I can escape. Weapons aren’t an issue since pretty much anything works against zombies, although I’ll be favouring the baseball bat I got from a raffle when I was 10.

So, the thing to keep an eye out for now is when it happens. Obviously, the threat may not apply to us, as the CDC is a Federal Agency, so only really matters for America, but let’s be prepared. Until then, keep an eye out here: when it happens, I’ll be there to stop it.

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