Anyone want a banana?

Bloody Monkeys.

No this time, I’m not against Zombies. I have a much more fearsome enemy – crocodiles. Natural enemy of the monkey, and dreaded banana thief. OK, so I’m playing Donkey Kong again. Well… Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddys Kong Quest. Undeniably one of the best games ever to grace a console – 12 years on and it still has more replayability than many games released 5 minutes ago.

Problem is, I’ve never completed the game. Sure, I’ve finished it several times, but I’ve never completed it. Not 100%. And that bothers me. So I’m playing through it again. I have 1 level left, just one, in which to find a single coin, before I can continue to the lost world. But, this one level is full of water; hot water; which boils you alive unless you get a seal to freeze it every so often. So I dont know what to do. I’m going to go hunting, but I’m not sure where exactly.

After that I still have the lost world, and the final bosses to contend with. I’ve done it before, but that means nothing. I do have a save file at 102%. I’m not sure how I flawed it, this time, but I have looked online and the game is completely finished at 101%. Yet again I did better than possible. Confused!

Anyway, I shall return to the land of the monkeys, and see if I can find the coins. And if not, I’ll see if I can find my sanity.

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  1. – Well, I finished it. found the last coin seconds after posting this, and then started the lost world. All coins/bonuses etc found – the game is now back at 102%. I’m very confused, but I’ll recheck online to see if thats right.

    Anyways, its done. Time for the next game.