Here We Go!

Woohoo. Finally got a Wii today. Very glad of it. I have enjoyed my 360 but this puts me to having all of the important consoles of this generation now. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I accept the PS3 as an important factor. I still havent fully accepted the PS2 yet… although I do like the PSP, so Sony at least have some redemption.

I’ve been looking around for things for it already. Lets face it… what good is a games console if all it does is play games? So, I do have it able to play my media already. Not something I care about: my PCs, XBox and 360 already do it, so the Wii doesnt need to, but it’s always a nice feature.

I’ve been reading as well, and apparently Nintendo are giving it a function so it can download DS demos to the console, which can then be played from the DS download play. I think it’s an amazing idea. The DS is also going to be able to connect to it for games such as Pokemon. Well… heres hoping that they do it for a lot more games, but its definitly a good place to start. I’d love to see a Zelda Four Swords on the Wii/DS – it could have so many more possibilites than it did on GC/GBA. Although, that said, hopefully they’d do it the same as they did for the GBA version of Four Swords, with the ability to go anywhere, rather than the limitations of all sharing a screen like they did in Four Swords Adventures n GC. I guess that probably means it should only be on DS… but the Wii and download play could be great for it.

Anyway, time to play about with some more settings I think.

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