X360+ Update

There's a new version of X360+ up for download. This should improve games compatability, as well as giving a couple of new features - the ability to use boxart as DP, and notifications of contacts playing games. This is to be considered a beta for the time being, so please notify me of any … Continue reading

SCCheats Mirror

Recently, JMR of SCCheats.co.uk announced that due to time and money constraints, he would no longer be able to maintain the site. As this is obviously a great loss to SuperCard users, JMR has provided me with a backup of the site from August, which I am mirroring for any who still wish to … Continue reading

Here We Go!

Woohoo. Finally got a Wii today. Very glad of it. I have enjoyed my 360 but this puts me to having all of the important consoles of this generation now. It'll be a cold day in hell when I accept the PS3 as an important factor. I still havent fully accepted the PS2 yet... although I do like … Continue reading

The Legion of the Damned

OK, I've wondered this for a while now, but theres never been an answer, and now the whole question just rearose in my head due to something I saw online. What is the deal with zombie nazis? It's a simple enough question. I'm sure many of you have probably noticed it is a fairly ofter … Continue reading