Well, yet again the Americans have proved themselves the stupidest nation around. Or at least, the American Government has proved itself the stupidest, as gamers are now officially recognized as professional athletes. Now, having looked into it a bit, it's clear that this is a conclusion they … Continue reading

It’s Soo Soo Cold

That's right people, it's literally freezing here. No, I'm not talking about the snow, although I am currently trapped in Galashiels with no transport home because it's at least a foot thick. I mean much, much worse. Hell has frozen. That's right, I have accepted the PS3. I've been at my … Continue reading

Gaming Thoughts

I've done a lot of thinking regarding gaming recently. Granted, this is accompanied by a large amount of gaming as Halo: Reach came out on Monday. I was one of the insane people out at midnight to buy the game: one of the decidedly limited people in the Borders. My plans were simple, albeit … Continue reading

Well Spent Time

I think in the past week I've managed to join a cult. Nothing major; I'm not looking for contributions, or telling people to praise Cthulhu or Ao; but I do end up spending vast amounts of time with the same people whose vision is obscured from my sight. OK, so it's not exactly the same. I am of … Continue reading