The Legion of the Damned

OK, I’ve wondered this for a while now, but theres never been an answer, and now the whole question just rearose in my head due to something I saw online.

What is the deal with zombie nazis?

It’s a simple enough question. I’m sure many of you have probably noticed it is a fairly ofter recurring theme amongst things.
Those of you who are, like me, gamers will probably be brought instantly to memories of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, or more recently BloodRayne. Others may remember films they’ve seen. I myself have never observed any of these films, but there is one I have been told of many times; “The Boys From Brazil”; which is all about the similar theme of cloning Hitler – multiple times.

The thing that brought me to this was a mention somewhere about Hitler obtaining the “Spear of Destiny” (the spear used to impale Christ on the cross: another Holy Grail artifact, eledgedly of immense power) to rule Europe.

Now obviously we know that this never came to pass, but it still brings the eery thought in my mind. Is there a fact based reason why the Nazis are so often portrayed in such a way?

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