Forward into Hell

I’ve recently been playing about with Google Drive and SkyDrive, seeing how they compare to DropBox. SkyDrive is far too network intensive in my opinion: purely running it on the background of my PC renders my XBOX completely unable to stream iPlayer, and that’s without any files actually syncing at the time. I like Google Drive, and the fact that it syncs to Google Docs is brilliant. This also led to me rediscovering my original rules for Bat-Thwap, and research I did into the Gates of Hell while I was at Uni.

Worryingly enough, the Gates of Hell document was actually legitimate work, along the same lines as The Midnight Aristocrats site. However, upon looking at it, I found it to be quite incomplete, and ended up doing more research to fill in the blanks. I couldn’t agree more if you think it’s the sign of a troubled mind, but I went ahead anyway, and worked long and hard into the night trying to document the claimed locations of the 7 Gates of Hell. By the end of the night, I’d managed to track down about 30 of them, as well as various stories on how to open them, and what happens on passing them. Knackered, I fell asleep.

I awoke about an hour later. I’d been dreaming, and forced myself awake – the devil was after me. I can’t remember exactly what was going on, but I know I was terrified. I had to watch telly for a little bit before I went back to sleep.

When I did sleep again, I ended up being chased by HellHounds. They were after me, and in my house. For some reason I was in my bed, and they jumped on top of me. I woke up, but the fear didn’t go – I could still feel a weight on my legs. I tried to look, but found myself paralyzed with fear. Tried to shout – not entirely sure why, as I don’t think that would scare a HellHound, but it was my life on the line so I had to try something. I couldn’t shout, was too afraid for that too – I’ve had that dream before, years ago, but never while awake. I tried again, and eventually managed the smallest, meekest of grunts. It worked. The weight got off of me, and the fear dissipated immediately, instead replaced with a feeling of stupidity. It was as the “HellHound” scampered out of my room I realised, there’s a mouse in my house!

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