The Lin Kuei Are After Me

That’s right guys. Judging by the temperature these days, there is a Lin Kuei Assassin hiding under my bed. Doing a good job of it too – I’ve checked under it a couple of times, and haven’t found him. Perhaps he’s in the wardrobe instead, but either way, I’ve not got my hands on him yet. Or her.

I’m unsure of the reason for them hunting me. It could be to do with my alignment with the Shirai Ryu, or it could be something else completely. Regardless the end result is the same: me, lying in bed with 2 duvets, the heating on full, and I’m shivering my ass off and can see my breath. I’m so glad I live in a dull, cold, ground floor, end flat. I reckon if I lived in an upper-floor flat with a downstairs neighbour, it’d be a lot warmer and my hidden ninja friend wouldn’t be bothering me so much.

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