X360 Database

Some of you may already be familiar with X360+, a script I made to enable a small amount of interoperability between MSN Messenger, and the XBox 360. As the script is currently sitting in the coolpicks section of the Messenger Plus Scripts Database, I have launched my X360 Database to accompany it.

The reason for the database is to allow users to modify the results for the scripts, allowing a greater variety of images and messages than I would be capable of alone.

Currently, I have left the database as open access so anyone can edit it. Hopefully, doing it this way will mean more people will modify the database and will therefore give us much more varied and complete results. If however, the database becomes abused then I will instate a user system to keep it safe.

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  1. There is no effect on your XBox Live account. All the script does is change your messages when you change games. There is no modification to any XBox services.

    I made it for myself, and have been using it for over a year now, without anything being said from MS, negative or otherwise.