The Kombat Shrine

The Kombat Shrine

I made The Kombat Shrine; named after the original Mortal Kombat level; for my second year module “Client Side Web Development”.

The goal was to create a website dedicated to one of your hobbies, and utilizing JavaScript . Being a Mortal Kombat fan, and playing through the new game at the time (Shaolin Monks) it just made sense to do the website on it.

The pages were designed mainly for use in Internet Explorer 5 & 6 and Mozilla Firefox, and were never tested for any other browsers (as that accommodated 90%+ of people at the time according to W3C statistics). They were made for a display of 1024×768 only, and so don’t look good in larger displays, and require scrolling on lower. Also, since they were all viewed and tested on a local network, no accounting was ever made for download times.

The site was never fully completed. The Story link was added to the menu, but I never completed the pages, so they stayed there purely for show. The Themes link was meant to change between alternate themes, but I never got around to the JavaScript for it.

I received an A for the site and my use of JavaScript: partially because of the menu-bar, but mainly because of the Quest game. Luckily, the lecturer had a lot of sites to grade, and thus never discovered that the game didn’t go past level 2.

Most of the files are kept as they were handed in for marking, although some of the file hierarchy has been reorganised to work on the sites Linux server.

Archive Link: The Kombat Shrine

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